Want to know why IntraFirst is consistently listed as one of the top 5 credit card processors?

It's because we believe in a simple idea of doing the best thing for our merchants. Wow, what a novel idea, right?

Low cost credit card processing for small business

Every credit card processing sales person claims to have low cost credit card processing for small business, but we put our money where our mouth is.

Small business credit card processing

We specialize in providing merchant services and credit card processing to small businesses. It's who we are. It's where we came from. It's what we do.

Most credit card processing company executives came from the banking industry. Our management team came from retail management, so we understand your needs and put serving those needs above profits. Don't tell our competition, but that's why we have been so successful.

Up-Front pricing

We aren't afraid to tell you what we charge. We put it right up front because we are proud of it, not scared of it. If you've done any looking around for processors then you have noticed how hard it is to get real pricing from any of them.

No games

Most credit card processors want you to send them a copy of your statement so they can give you a price. We all know why they do that. They just want to see what you are paying now so they can come in slightly under that and hold onto the highest possible profit margin.

Don't play their game. Instead, tell them to give you their mark-up over Interchange, or better yet, check out our up-front pricing.

Wouldn't it be great if they just gave you their best price to start with?

We agree. That's why you can always find our mark-up published right on our website for all to see.