Simple. Predictable. Easy.

Flat rate credit card processing helps make running your business easy. Flat-rate processing is the rate plan of choice for payment services providers (PSPs) like Square, PayPal, and Stripe that don’t offer you a true merchant account. Instead, you’ll be aggregated in with every other business using the company’s services, plus with their higher fees, they are quite expensive to use.

While not the best choice for every business, flat fee merchant services give merchants just starting out, or with low monthly processing volumes, a solid, easy-to-understand pricing model. Reach out to us, we will help you decide if Flat Rate Processing is right for your business.

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Bluetooth Readers

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Traditional Terminals

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POS Systems

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No matter what your needs might be, we have the hardware to support you and in most cases, there is a no cost hardware solution available to you.

Process all major credit cards (even American Express) at one low fee with IntraFirst.

There are hundreds of card types (rewards, travel, cash back, business, etc.) and each type of card has its own associated risk to the card brands and issuing banks. Because of this varying risk, each card type also has its own rate (designed to offset the risk and costs for that type of card). These average fees can vary from 1.4% to 3.5% or more.

Because of this, credit card statements can be confusing. The conglomerate of numbers and unfamiliar terms may tempt you to ball up your statement and throw it in the nearest wastebasket each month.

Ready to find out more about Flat Rate Credit Card Processing?

Some people read everything they can find before making a decision, others just want to speak with a human. If you want to talk to someone with no pressure or sales speak, drop us a line today!

No Surprises

Everyone loves surprises. Except when it comes to your business. You need to be able to predict your expenses accurately.

This is where Flat Rate Processing comes to the rescue. Every transaction is charged at the same 2.69% flat rate. No varying rates, no ups or downs, no guesswork.

The same rate for every transaction. Simple.

  • There are no surprises—everything is very stable
  • You don’t have to scrutinize your merchant statement and check every transaction to ensure you’re getting a good deal
  • You know exactly what your credit card processing bill will be ahead of time
  • The entire process is simple and easy to understand