Who does IntraFirst represent?

IntraFirst works with businesses spread across numerous industries and channels – from nonprofits to B2B merchants, small mom-and-pop stores to large, complicated multi-location entities. With that in mind, there’s no hard and fast “rule” of who we work best with. But typically, most merchants that we can support will fall into one of the below categories:

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  • Retail establishments selling physical

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    goods and services, such as clothing shops, salons, spas, auto-services, markets, books, furniture, and other common consumer items.
  • Restaurants and Quick-Service merchants such as sit-down restaurants, juice bars, yogurt shops, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, clubs, sandwich shops, etc.
  • Online businesses selling retail goods and B2B goods. Online merchants selling physical products without custom orders that take more than a week or two to deliver.
  • Business-2-Business merchants processing large, keyed transactions or who need level 2 or level 3 processing.
  • Healthcare merchants such as doctors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, veterinarians and any other medical fields that take both in-person and virtual payments.
  • Federally registered (501c3) nonprofits soliciting donations, event registrations, and small product purchases in both an in-person and online environment.
  • Schools, associations, and other membership-based organizations that accept dues and registration fees.

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