The old way of doing business in the credit card industry is twisted and broken.

It's slanted in favor of the card processors... and the merchant loses every time.

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IntraFirst is more than just a ground-breaking credit card processing services company. Company founder, Craig Roll, came into this industry with decades of retail and service business management experience. He knew first-hand of the frustrations faced by small business owners when dealing with their credit card processing.

IntraFirst grew from Mr. Roll's experience in the retail industry. We've been there. We understand you.

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"Do the right thing."

Woven throughout everything we do at IntraFirst is the theme "Do the right thing."

It's a simple philosophy really, but one that has been passed down from Mr. Roll's father and is at the heart of every decision we make.

In business, we all know what doing the right thing means. It means being transparent, honest, trustworthy, and fair. It means giving back to our communities. And, it means standing behind your promises.

The CEO's of most credit card processing and merchant service companies came from the banking industry.

Big Banks

Banking execs run most merchant services companies. That's why all of their programs are designed to protect their bottom line, not the merchant's bottom line.

Overly confusing statements, automatic renewal of long-term contracts, early termination fees, and hidden charges allow them to stay in your pocket, taking your hard earned profits for themselves.

We give you choices


All businesses are not the same. That's why we offer 4 pricing options and don't try stuffing every merchant into the same program.

Some are big, some are small. Some sell high ticket items or services, some sell low ticket items or services. Some have lots of transactions each month, some have only a handful.

We'll help you choose which program works best for your business.

Subscription Plan (0% rate mark-up, wholesale pricing direct from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & AMEX + 10 cents)

Interchange Plus (Interchange + 0.19% + 10 cents)

Flat Rate Plan (2.69% fixed rate on every card present transaction)

Cash Discount Plan (Zero cost processing)

We treat you like we would want to be treated

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  • Our phones are answered 24/7 by a real, live person
  • No long-term contracts
  • No early termination fees
  • Free terminals
  • Free mobile readers
  • No hidden fees
  • No junk fees
  • Flexible pricing plans options
  • Change pricing plan at any time
  • Easy to understand statements
  • Simple application process
  • Dedicated account manager
  • POS systems available (as low as $0.00 cost to you)
  • Early Termination Fee Assistance (up to $350 to help you get away from your current processor)

How can we afford to do this?

Because once our merchants come on board, they never leave. They are treated like a partner, no longer like an ATM machine handing out money to their old processor.

In fact, we are proud to say that our five year customer retention rate is better than 96%.

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