What makes IntraFirst the best choice you can make when selecting your credit card processor?

That's easy. Transparent, up-front pricing. No hidden agenda and no games. Simply the best pricing, the best service, and the best equipment. It's as simple as that.


Wouldn't it be great if you could get a straight forward answer about how much your credit card processing will cost? Yep, we think so too. Welcome to IntraFirst.

Every business is unique. Some have high volume and low ticket amounts...some have low volume and high ticket amounts. There is no such thing as one size fits all in the merchant services business. That's why we give you a choice. Choose the credit card processing plan that works best for you.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange plus pricing is the most transparent pricing structure.

Interchange Plus credit card processing, also known as Cost Plus processing, is a program in which the interchange rates that are assigned by the major credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover) are passed unchanged directly to the merchant along with a small percentage mark-up.

By leaving the rates unchanged, Interchange Plus provides complete credit card processing clarity to the merchant. No more confusing statements.

Interchange Plus Pricing from IntraFirst

This allows merchant service providers to price their accounts fairly, because merchants who process at higher volumes will pay more fees, but only proportionately so.

The same goes for smaller merchants. By offering a constant margin, smaller merchants are not penalized for processing minimal amounts.

Learn more about how our Interchange Plus Pricing may be right for you.

Cash Discount Program

Are you tired of credit card processing fees eating away at your hard-earned profits month after month?

Have you ever wondered why you, the business owner, are responsible for paying your customers’ rewards points just to simply accept their money?

Cash Discount Program Processing No Processing Fees

It's common to see 1%-5% cash back rewards cards being used today. Guess who pays those rewards to the consumer? YOU DO!!!

With our cash discount program, you’ll no longer have to pay to accept your customers money.

Are you ready to completely eliminate your credit and debit card fees? This is the answer!

There is nothing new about the Cash Discount Program. Our program has been successfully used by thousands of merchants for over ten years.

The Cash Discount Program is legal and in use in all 50 states.

See more about how the Cash Discount Program can save you money.

Membership Program

Everyone is familiar with the savings available from a subscription membership service (think Costco or Amazon Prime).

For many of our customers, a subscription membership program is the perfect fit.  By paying a small monthly membership fee, you get all of your processing at the wholesale costs.

You pay Zero Mark-up and every penny that you are assessed by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX as a rate or fee assessment is passed through to you with no mark-up whatsoever.

Merchants like you are always searching to find the lowest rates. Our Subscription Membership Program gives you processing at wholesale.

Take advantage of direct rate pricing!

Monthly Subscription

So when you choose this program, you can tell your friends that you definitely have the best rates ever. Your rate mark-up is Zero!

More information on how the Subscription Membership Program may work best for you.

Our Approach

Life has enough complications. We believe in bringing value to your business by giving you transparent, easy to understand pricing.

You get calls every day from some call center trying to sell you processing. By now you know that every merchant services sales representative you speak to promises to give you the lowest rates. And, you know that saving money on your credit card processing will make a huge difference on your bottom line.

It's the proverbial issue of being between a rock and a hard place.

Rock and a Hard Place
Card Dipping

So, you end up chasing after those elusive lowest rates by changing from processor to processor and you end up getting burned time after time.

We know your struggle, and we understand your needs in your merchant services and credit card processing. It's simple really...Honesty, Transparency, and Communication with Fair Pricing.

Next Steps...

You deserve real, actual, lower rates, not just a sales pitch filled with empty promises. So, reach out to us and see why over 98% of the merchants that have signed with us are still with us.

Don't worry, we wont spam you or call you with any high pressure sales call (we hate that stuff too).