Finally, an easy way to do away with expensive credit card processing fees!

Eliminate up to 100% of your credit card processing fees with The Edge, our Cash Discount Processing Program.

Although the Cash Discount Processing Program is getting a lot of attention and is growing rapidly around the country, it is not new. In fact, our program has been in use by thousands of merchants for over ten years.

40%-60% of all new applications are for The Edge Cash Discount Program.

You can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express; it's legal in all 50 states; and you get to keep 100% of your sale!

Consider this.

How much did you spend in payment processing so far this year (or last year)? How would you like to have that money in your bank account?

Do you ever raise your prices to cover expenses? We now offer a program that can enable you to do it at the point of the transaction, while displaying a lower price, and a non-cash price.

The Cash Discount Processing Program

Saving Money is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Enroll in the Cash Discount Program

You do NOTHING - everything is pre-programmed and ready to go.

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Automatic Cash Discounting

At checkout, cash-paying customers get a discount equal to the Service Fee.

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Fees are Automatically Eliminated

We collect the Service Fees from card using customers and use them to pay your credit card processing bill.

Cash Discount Program

How easy is starting the Cash Discount Program?

You sign up with IntraFirst (on-boarding is quick and easy), then we program and ship your new EMV Chip Card Terminal (free of charge). Your terminal arrives ready to use out of the box and takes less than 5 minutes to set up (it's a simple plug-and-play set-up).

Your clerks don't have to calculate anything. The entire process is done automatically within your terminal.

Speak with a trusted advisor

Reach out to us today, we'd love to help you make a good decision.

Cash Discount Program Processing has no Fees
  • Free & Compliant EMV Terminal
  • 24/7 Live U.S. based customer service
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • We handle all PCI Compliance Surveys for you
  • Free Lifetime Paper supply (free shipping too)
  • Online Reporting
  • Next Day Funding available
  • No Surprises
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Set-up Fee
  • No Equipment Rental Fee
  • No Pin-pad Required
  • Traditional, Wireless, or Mobile Terminals available

Imagine putting as much as 4% directly back onto your bottom line!

There is nothing more simple. If you ever decide that you want to go back to paying for credit card fees, just let us know and we will switch you over to our traditional Interchange Plus or Membership Preferred Processing. Either way, you are enjoying the best rates and customer service in the industry!

Tired of credit card fees

So, how much will the Cash Discount Processing Program actually save me?

Every business is different, but for a good estimate, take a look at your most recent credit card processing statement. For most merchants, we will be able to totally eliminate 95-100% of the fees paid to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and your merchant services provider!

Call us Toll Free (833) 357-0001

Note: By regulation, there are currently a few very small fees that sometimes may not be removed from your statement (depending on your customer's card types), they include certain Dues & Assessments - Ex: MALF fee, Acquirer fee, NABU fee and APF fees (on average these fees are about 5 - 10% of your current bill), each situation is unique. But most of our merchants pay ZERO credit card fees under this program.