This is why we are the best merchant services provider for Auto Service businesses

Our business model is designed with your small business in mind. We are not interested in the Mega Stores, the Big Box Store, the National Chains, or the Branded Restaurants. We designed our business with a focus on you, the neighborhood auto repair shop. So if you repair brakes, rebuild transmissions, sell custom wheels, or do major work under the hood, we have designed our merchant services program specifically for you.

Auto Service Centers

Zero Percent Rate Mark-Up

This exclusive program is why Auto Service Organizations recommend IntraFirst as their preferred provider of credit card processing and merchant services.

Simply put, we don’t mark-up Writing a resume is a bit complicated compared to a conventional resume; this is the reason why hiring writing help a resume writer would be the perfect way to go. A professional resume writer can help you write the perfect resume to your career objectives, allowing you to present yourself in the best light. Will you be able to show that you deserve for, but also your chances of being hired may also increase. the Interchange or Wholesale rates from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Our charge is a simple, easy to understand transaction fee (usually $0.10). So, what’s our rate mark-up? Zero.

Why Let the Credit Card Processor Get Into Your Pocket on Every Sale?

Auto Service Centers: The industry norm is to add a mark-up to each credit card swipe. Think about that for a minute. Your credit card processor is getting a piece of every transaction you do. We don’t believe that is right. It costs us the same to process a $10 transaction as it does a $1000 transaction. Which is why we charge a simple small fee per transaction instead of adding on a percentage to your sale.

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