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Zero Percent Rate Mark-Up

This exclusive program is why Auto Service Organizations recommend IntraFirst as Where you have to paper writer write your school essays, A cheap essay writing service can be a great source of help within an academic situation. Such services are useful in composing your college essays and receiving good grades. You can seek the services of a fantastic essay writing service that will assist you write your college essays in the event that you don’t know much about this subject matter. Services utilize essay topics which are simple to understand by students. It will not be too difficult for the students to read your school essays. The examples and topics of newspapers can be easily understood by students. They will get the idea in the examples of newspapers they won’t feel afraid to write their essays, that they are shown. their preferred provider of credit card processing and merchant services.

Simply put, we don’t mark-up the Interchange or Wholesale rates from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Our charge is a simple, easy to understand transaction fee (usually $0.10). So, what’s our rate mark-up? Zero.

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Auto Service Merchant Account

Auto repair service centers typically process larger sized credit card transactions than many other retail businesses. Because most credit card processing and merchant services providers make their profits by marking up the wholesale rates charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, the cost of credit card swipe fees put a damper on the bottom line.

Our business model is designed with your auto service center in mind. We are not interested in the Mega Stores, the Big Box Store, the National Chains, or the Branded Restaurants. We designed our business with a focus on you, the neighborhood auto repair shop. So if you repair brakes, rebuild transmissions, sell custom wheels, or do major work under the hood, we have designed our merchant services program specifically for you.

How does all of this work?

:36 video

Check out this short video that shows how merchant services and credit card processing rate mark-ups work.

What else do we do?  Check it out:

Free Terminals. No, really, they are provided to you FREE. No red tape, no small type, no hidden fees, no lease payments.  Free, as long as you are our customer.  And if a new upgrade is needed…you guessed it.  It’s Free.

Online Statements.  All of your monthly statements are available to you on our merchant portal, 24/7.  You can even drill down to individual transaction details.

Award winning, U.S. Based Customer Service. You can call our Toll Free customer service line 24/7.  You will be speaking to a live person who can assist you with any question or issue that you may have with your equipment.

Dedicated Account Representative. In addition to our Toll Free numbers, you will have the direct line number for your representative who is dedicated to your business.

Free Credit Card Terminal Paper. When you need paper, just give your dedicated rep a call or shoot them an email.  A box of terminal paper rolls will be shipped to you express delivery, and once again, it’s Free.

No Long Term Contracts or Early Termination Fees. Our customers stay with us because of our pricing, and our customer service.  We don’t hold them hostage by using long term contracts and enormous early termination fees.

Zero Percentage Rate Mark-up.  Every week, someone calls you to promise that they have the lowest rates in the industry. The going estimate lately is a savings of 30%. Our merchants tell them that they have a Zero Percent Rate Mark-up and the normal response is a dial tone. It simply can’t be beat.

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Next Steps…

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