We specialize

World class athletes don’t become the best in the word by trying to be a player in every sport. They focus on a single specialty. Just imagine Usain Bolt running a marathon. The fastest man alive would run a terrible endurance race. But put him into a 100m or a 200m race and look out!

We decided to focus as well. So, unlike most credit card processing companies, we don't market to every business on the block. We found that by providing our services to a specific market, we could keep our costs and pricing down (because we have limited our risk). What kind of business are we perfectly positioned to help?

See businesses that we don't process for.

Our focus is small businesses that process over $10,000 per month in credit/debit transactions and are not considered "high risk". What is a "High Risk" business?

We don't try to up-sell you into expensive POS systems, Payroll Services, Working Capital Loans, or Gift and Loyalty Cards (if you want any of these things, we are happy to suggest specific vendors to you).

We give back

While doing everything we can do to help you succeed remains our main goal, we also believe in giving a helping hand to others. IntraFirst donates to a select group of 501 (c)(3) organizations, and our focus has historically been educational programs. Giving back is a important part of who we are as a company.

Next Steps...

Go ahead and click the Contact Us button, we promise not to pounce with a high pressure sales call and we won't start sending you a bunch of spam emails. We just want to be able to answer your questions and show you how much money, time and energy we can save you.